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75% OFF 3x Digital Albums

75% OFF 3x Digital Albums

Will Black

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Get all 3 Will Black albums including "Dancing With The Dead", "Dangerously Close" & "Cry Like Hell" for a fantastic low bundle price.

28 original rock songs written and produced by Will Black.

* NO CDs included in this order. Digital album downloads only.

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.. "Senorita Ballerina" from 'Dancing With The Dead'. (2008)


.. "Pretty Garden" from 'Dangerously Close' (2013).


.. "Cry Like Hell" from 'Cry Like Hell' (2016).


'Cry Like Hell' (2016)

1. Cry Like Hell
2. Fire From Your Spark
3. Darkest Star
4. You Slay Me
5. Spooky Town
6. Blackie
7. Firing Squad
8. Unwritten Number
9. The General
10. Crazy Diamond
11. Love Forever Unfolding

'Dangerously Close' (2013)

1. Trace Your Tattoo
2. Original Rose
3. Vintage
4. Holy Love
5. Pretty Garden
6. Rift Valley Fever
7. Hell Over Heaven
8. Forever Was Never Enough
9. Christine, Dangerously Close

'Dancing With The Dead' (2008)

1. Dancing With The Dead
2. Heart Of Gold
3. Senorita Ballerina
4. Beautiful Losers
5. Trouble In Mind
6. Faraway
7. Glory Road
8. Too Much