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What you need to get yer rock on 👽

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Will Black shirts, hoodies, blankets, leggings.. and so much more!

WB Clothing & Merch


Dude, got the package in the mail today. Thanks so much, man. Between that, the birthday shout out, and the custom video request, no one does what you’re doing. And as a music fan, this is seriously the coolest thing there is to be a part of. A million thanks, dude. Rock on!

Eddie Schmeltzer

Thank you Will Black for my CD! Made me really happy coming home from work, keep on rocking☺✌✌✌ xx

Julie A. Richardson

Will gives blood, sweat and amazing vocals, leaving his audiences crying for MORE!

Hearing is believing that he is destined for greatness, let him ROCK YOUR WORLD.

Sue 'The General' Kemp