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Song Sponsorship
Song Sponsorship

Song Sponsorship

Will Black

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Check back for new Demo Song soon!

This Exclusive Merch Item directly funds my new album 'The Blinding Heights' releasing 2024.


Cost for sponsoring a song is $650 USD and includes:

  • a customized 7" 45 rpm size 'Gold Record' with album cover graphic (depending on album song is from) in 14" by 11" wooden frame with personalized 'Song Sponsor' plaque. Something pretty awesome to hang on your wall somewhere special! (*record is not playable)
  • acoustic studio performance of your song dedicated to you via YouTube video stream and MP3 digital download.  
  • song sponsor mention in album liner notes (for 'The Blinding Heights' only) & online lyric credits (wherever applicable).
  • custom 'Gold Record' and studio performance delivered within 2-3 weeks from placing order including shipping worldwide.
  • You get all-time bragging rights! No one else ever gets to sponsor your song - it's your important contribution to my music career, thank you.

If you'd prefer to pay 4 monthly installments of $175 ($700 USD total) - please email directly to to set this up - totally ok!



* Songs are available to sponsor one-time-only. Once a song is sponsored, it will never be available again for sponsoring.

* You can co-sponsor a song with one other person too! Email me personally for more details to

* Some songs are not listed due to previous sponsorship or dedication.


Please email me any questions you have to