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Song Sponsorship

Song Sponsorship

Will Black

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This Exclusive Merch Item directly funds my new album 'The Blinding Heights' releasing on Friday November 15, 2019.

Cost for sponsoring a song is $650 USD and includes:

  • a customized 7" 45 rpm size 'Gold Record' with album cover graphic (depending on album song is from) in 14" by 11" wooden frame with personalized 'Song Sponsor' metal plaque. Something pretty awesome to hang on your wall somewhere special! (*record is not playable)
  • acoustic studio performance of your song dedicated to you via YouTube video stream and MP3 digital download.  
  • song sponsor mention in album liner notes (for 'The Blinding Heights' only) & online lyric credits (wherever applicable).
  • custom 'Gold Record' and studio performance delivered within 6-8 weeks from placing order including shipping worldwide.
  • no one else ever gets to sponsor your song - it's your solo important contribution to my music career, thank you.

Want to hear the songs to refresh your memory? Links are included under each listing.


Songs available for sponsoring from upcoming 4th album 'The Blinding Heights' are: 

Earth Girls Come Easy

(More songs will be available from 'The Blinding Heights' as they are announced.)


Songs available for sponsoring from first 3 albums are:

Beautiful Losers

Christine, Dangerously Close 

Dancing With The Dead

Firing Squad

Glory Road

Heart Of Gold

Hell Over Heaven

Holy Love

Original Rose

Pretty Garden

Rift Valley Fever 

Too Much

Trouble In Mind

Unwritten Number


You Slay Me


Listen to 'Cry Like Hell' album.

Listen to 'Dangerously Close' album.

Listen to 'Dancing With The Dead' album.


Songs available for sponsoring from unreleased demos are: 

Alexandra Falling

Madison Ave.


* Songs are available to sponsor one-time-only. Once a song is sponsored, it will never be available again for sponsoring.

* You can co-sponsor a song with one other person too! Email me personally for more details to

* Some songs are not listed due to previous sponsorship or dedication.

* This exclusive merch item will be listed until album release.


Please email me any questions you have to