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50% OFF 'XP - Best Of' CD
50% OFF 'XP - Best Of' CD

50% OFF 'XP - Best Of' CD

Will Black

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50% OFF 12 SONG 'Best Of' CD

Act Fast This Offer Is FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - I'm offering my 12 song 'XP - Best Of' CD at 50% OFF pricing. I believe that new and original rock music is crucial and I'm betting that if I can get this album into your ears you'll become a life long fan.

Cheers, Will.

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"Rock music is alive and well thanks to Will Black! His voice, style, sound and lyrics are amazing! Get his 'XP - Best Of' album, so many awesome originals, they don't write them like Will does anymore!" Karen L. from Coventry, CT

"A very diverse album of a mix of classic Rock sounding tunes with Heart felt ballads! So many well written songs that all Rock fans will Love, I have been hooked on Will Black from the first time I heard his music!" Christine F. from Toronto, ON

INSTANT GRATIFICATION - BONUS MP3 download 12 songs with your CD order, so you can start listening immediately.



the hard rocker.. "Pretty Garden"

the ballad.. "You Slay Me"

the stadium anthem.. "Cry Like Hell"


1. Pretty Garden
2. Cry Like Hell
3. You Slay Me
4. Dancing With The Dead
5. Fire From Your Spark
6. Beautiful Losers
7. Rift Valley Fever
8. Crazy Diamond
9. Senorita Ballerina
10. Trace Your Tattoo
11. Holy Love
12. Blackie

All songs written by Will Black.